For more information about getting involved with AzCPA, please contact our Director of Membership Outreach and Development, Alyssa O’Keeffe at [email protected]

Leadership Opportunities

AzCPA is always looking for members to become more engaged in our organization. As we continue to redevelop our organization, we need incredible leaders like you to represent Arizona student affairs professionals!

The following leadership positions will be elected:

  • President: The President shall be responsible for coordinating the overall business of AzCPA, as well as serving as the state representative of Arizona to the Coordinator of State and International Divisions.
  • President-elect: The President-elect shall work collaboratively with the President to coordinate the business of AzCPA. In the absence of the President, the President-elect shall perform the duties of the President. The President-elect shall chair the Election Commission.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer shall maintain all records of AzCPA, keep minutes of business sessions of the AzCPA Executive Committee and Elected Leadership Team, disperse AzCPA funds, prepare budget reports for the annual meeting, and                                             serve as chair of the Finance Committee.
  • Communication: The Director of Communication will be responsible for collecting, synthesizing, and distributing reports from the Directors to the Executive Leadership Team and to the membership on a monthly basis. The Director of Communication shall work with the Web developer/technology to acquire, maintain, and distribute relevant information to AzCPA members.
  • Membership Development and Outreach: The Director of Membership Development and Outreach shall manage the membership recruitment and outreach efforts in accordance with the equity and inclusion plan and recruitment goals of AzCPA. They will chair the Membership Development and Outreach Committee.

The following leadership positions will be appointed:

  • Director of Social Justice Initiatives: The Director of Social Justice initiatives shall promote knowledge and awareness of multiculturalism and diversity within AzCPA by actively engaging the membership. The Director of Social Justice Initiatives is responsible for reviewing and proposing updates to the Equity and Inclusion Plan. They shall coordinate programs that promote the development of multicultural competencies of members and program participants. The Director of Social Justice Initiatives shall work closely with other members of the Executive Leadership Team to integrate social justice and diversity initiatives into AzCPA’s outreach, programming, and professional development opportunities.
  • Director for Student and New Professional Networking: The Director for Student and New Professional Networking shall be responsible for designing educational, career development, and networking opportunities for students (undergraduate and graduate) and new professionals. They will be responsible for collaborating with the graduate student associations at Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona, as well as working with faculty and staff at constituent institutions to determine the developmental needs of students and new professionals. The Director will work collaboratively with the AzCPA Director of Professional Development. They shall also work inclusively with other student affairs organizations in the state of Arizona to provide well-rounded experiences for students and new professionals.
  • Director of Advocacy Initiatives and Education: The Director of Advocacy Initiatives and Education shall be responsible for maintaining communication with membership regarding issues effecting higher education in the State of Arizona and nationally. The Director of Advocacy Initiatives and Education shall be responsible for planning at least one forum a year for membership to voice their consternation and support for students, faculty and staff in student affairs professions at post-secondary institutions in Arizona. Working with their committee, they shall propose priorities for the organization’s legislative agenda and advocacy initiatives. They will be responsible for maintaining knowledge of state and federal issues effecting higher education while creating relationships with university leadership to enhance advocacy efforts. They shall also advise AzCPA regarding issues on which AzCPA may wish to articulate a formal position, and assume responsibility for drafting any requested documents pertaining to the official/formal position of AzCPA (said documents to be ratified by the Elected Leadership Team).
  • Constituency Representatives: The Appointed Leadership Team will include one representative from each of the institutions at which AzCPA members are employed or enrolled. Each constituency representative shall be responsible for representing the perspectives of her/his constituency group and bringing forth issues relevant to the membership in her/his area. Each constituency representative shall serve on the Membership Development and Outreach Committee.
  • Web developer/ Technological Resources Coordinator: The Technological Resources Coordinator shall (along with the Director of Communication) make specific efforts to utilize teleconferencing and other technical capabilities for workshops and meetings of the Executive Committee, Elected Leadership Team, and/or Appointed Leadership Team, and will generally promote the use of technology as a means of communication and networking within AzCPA. They will develop and maintain the AzCPA website and manage the AzCPA listserv. The Technological Resources Coordinator shall make regular recommendations to the Executive Committee on how best to use various media to meet the needs of the membership. The Technological Resources Coordinator serves in advisory capacity to the Director of Communication.
  • Director of Professional Development: The Director of Professional Development shall be responsible for overseeing the educational and professional development opportunities for the membership. They shall chair the Professional Development Committee and guide the committee as it determines the needs of the membership (entry level, mid-level, and senior level positions) and develops an annual plan for meeting those needs. The Director of Professional Development will include cost conscious planning and present the leadership team with opportunities that are as nearly cost free as possible for our membership. The Director of Professional Development shall work collaboratively with her/his committee to develop the educational components of the annual meeting and with the Director of Student and New Professional Networking to design opportunities that are meaningful for graduate students and new professionals.
  • Graduate Student Association Representatives: The Graduate Student Association Representatives will be responsible for advising the Director for Student and New Professional Education and Networking of the issues and interests (at both the state and national levels) of undergraduate and graduate students interested in or preparing for careers in student affairs.

If you are interested in getting involved in one of these positions, please contact our Director of Membership & Outreach, Alyssa O’Keefe at [email protected]